Fortune® Silicone Nasal Epistaxis Balloon Features:  

- 100% medical grade silicone for superior biocompatibility.
- Inflatable flexible balloon provides direct uniform pressure.
- Soft and beveled tip facilitates insertion and minimizes trauma.
Larger balloon can be inflated up to 30cc to control anterior nasal bleeding.
- Smaller balloon can be inflated up to 10cc to control posterior nasal bleeding.
- Airway channel design allows nasal breathing.
- Unique pilot balloon design allows cuff monitoring to prevent over-pressure.
- Ideal for nasal packing for septoplasty, rhinoplasty and intra-nasal surgical procedure.


(A)Nasal Epistaxis Catheter,Intra-Pack
(B)Nasal Epistaxis Catheter,Post-Pack
(C)Nasal Epistaxis Catheter,Double Balloon




Nasal Epistaxis Balloon, Intra-Pack:
REF. NO. Size Application
 3101-0830 30 cc

nasal chamber


Nasal Epistaxis Balloon, Post-Pack: 
REF. NO. Size Application
 3102-2010 10 cc

nasal chamber


Nasal Epistaxis Balloon, Double Balloon:  
REF. NO. Size Application
 3103-0930 30/10 cc

anterior and posterior
nasal chamber