FORTUNE MEDICAL INSTRUMENT CORP. (Fortune®) was first born in 1972 with the name of TOP industrial Corp. produced and offered all kind of industrial silicone parts locally. After deep research, we even found the silicone for medical purpose has the characteristics of non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, long term quality, resistance to embolism, fat, blood, urine, medical solution and low stimulation, that can be used as the best material for producing the catheter, drainage tube and various medical instruments. Silicone has been widely applied by famous international medical conduit makers in the markets. 
As there was no silicone products maker in Taiwan, all medical silicone products had to be imported with high prices. For the purpose of offering high quality silicone products in Taiwan, the founder, Mr. Abe Wang, set up Fortune Medical Instrument Corp. and started producing silicone drainage tube, catheter, vacuum suction and resuscitator. Fortune® now is the leading, legally registered, and professional manufacturer of silicone medical grade instruments in Taiwan.
To reach the requirements of managing and producing quality from international medical market, Fortune® has promoted ISO quality control system since 1990 with
Quality Policy
 "Manufacturer's devotion will be beneficial for physician to provide best  medication and to maximize patient's welfare"
Quality Objective
"Ranking with world's best"
Quality Commitment
"Provide safe and reliable products"
Quality policy is the responsible attitude of Fortune® toward the customers and patients and is also the foundation of Fortune® to be existed forever.